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Travel to Sweden in the summer of 2018

During many summers we have had the great pleasure to take care of and arrange for American realtives coming to Sweden. They wanted to walk on the soil of their ancestors and to meet with now living relatives in Sweden. We have become fully aware of the exitement they felt when they visited our well developed homeland and to be able to meet with contemporary relatives of their own age. Many of us living in beautiful and interesting environments and with the nearness to many sightseeing places well woth seeing.

You have of course to arrange for travel cost and timing for coming to and from Sweden. We hope you will message us well ahead of time. As soon as you have come we will take good care of you. We hope to be able to arrange and take care of your local travels, meals and lodgings. We expect you will be interested in walking on the roots of your ancestors. This could for instance happen in Varmland, Narke or Smaland. And to meet with contemporary relatives living in, or near the neighborhood of our capital Stockholm on the east coast or on the west coast with our second largest city of Gothenburg.

Notice that the value of the Swedish krona (SEK) is very low this year. You get much för your dollar.

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