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Welcome to the Helling family

Jan had a secret "new-year-promise" for 2018. The previous year.
At the beginning of the year Jan had promised to write no more books at his high age. He did not dare to tell anyone that his new plan was to write something else. It was his secret that he should write short stories every month and to publish them on our homepage. And also to write an informative e-mail by the turn of every month telling about what was new on our homepage. He succeded to do this last year!

The Helling family Diary

It has got a new place on FAMILY HISTORY, but you find a link here:

- Months with the Helling family.

Short Stories from 2019

You will find all old and new short stories at the beginning of tap SHORT STORY. 

Both stories written during the previous year 2018 and during the new year 2019. The only new Short Story you will find this month of January will be an addition to one earlier published on Swedish News/National Election at the end of "Thoughts prior to the National Election in September 2018" with the name "We have at last, four months later after our National Election, got a a new Government". 

Jan Helling`s last book, and now is time for his Short Stories.

His last book was written in Swedish 2017. But he decided to translate this book into English during the spring of 2018. All ten chapters of "My sister Christina" are now included under tab CHRISTINA. Some of us, like myself, have difficulties to read a book on a computer screen. But unfortunatly no printed book in English has been published. No one has even asked for such a book.

Our Family register

We have a complete family register in our home computer. But this register is not published on internet. I you want copies you must send e-mail to Jan Helling.

Photos from our flat in Trollhättan

To the left you find pictures from our flat in Trollhättan towards the Gota River, and an overview of the city were wi live. You you can find a red circle where our flat is situated. And below are some photos from our cabin in Dalsland.



And here you find some pictures from our second home, our resident
in the province of Dalsland. Our manor house Nackehultet and our
guesthouse Nackeloftet. Notice realives and friends have the right to stay att Nackeloftet for free when no one elsa have hired the cabin. Please ask us, Below photo of our rowingboat in nearby lake Nacketjärnet.

In guesthouse Nackeloftet we every year have guests from various countries
in Europa. You will find more information on page: Cabin for free.


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