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Eventual "fake news" from Sweden written in English for magazins abroad.

When I was working for the Swedish Automotive industry events took place that was picked up by journalists and printed in papers. As I had an insiders view of these events I was often frustrated when I found faults in those stories. But was this really somthing that could be called "fake news"?

I had several personal contacts with journalists and got to know them rather well. My impression was that they had written stories as good as they could. It could very well be the fact that they had gotten wrong information or even had missunderstood information they had got from business representatives in our company.

For a long time I became however distrustful of information I found in papers. Nowadays I have learnt a lot from my own fact-finding deep among roots found for my own stories in cultural historical novels and articals. During the last year we have read a lot about problems with "fake news". I have seen the cinema "The Post". It is obvious that even military and political key personnel have since long found reasons to provide the public with "fake news". The name of the largest daily paper in Sweden is "Dagens Nyheter". It is similar to "The Washington Post" and I read this paper every day.

Possible "fake news" have come into focus in Sweden this year. The reason is that we will have a general election this fall. It is likely both you and I will for this reason find "fake news" from Sweden in the media. Because of this I will herewith provide you with information from some sources that are like to provide us with rather solid facts.

SCB Statistics Sweden - Address: www.scb.se

Statistics Sweden is responsible for developing, producing and disseminating official statistics and other government statistics.   SCB is also responsible for coordinating the Swedish system for official statistics. The overall goal for SCB operations is to provide official statistics of good quality that are easily availible. Statistics Sweden strives to be a world-class leader into statistical information for customers and users.

Swedish Institute - Address: www.si.se   

The Swedish Institute is a public agency that encourages interest and confidence in Sweden around the world. It operates in the fields of culture, education, science and business seeking to strengthen and promote development.

Radio Sweden  -  Address: www.sverigesradio.se - News in English

Aftonbladet is a Swedish evening paper with also information in English. Address: www.aftonbladet.se

The Local - Address: www.thelocal.se

The Local has a team of journalists who have created this website with the ambition to strive to avoid "fake news". They provide their customers with both good and bad news from Sweden. But before publishing anything they search for solid facts on which they base their articles. Notice that Sweden comes at the end of the list of countries you can find with tap on top left.

Link to: Sweden in international World Value Survey.



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