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Helling family news

Jan 8. Grandson Charles Helling celebrate 18 years of age together with his father Tomas and brother James at our flat in Trollhattan.

Jan 16-17. Sonja sitter for grandchildren Lovis and Malte to support son Anders and his sambo Eva on the west-coast island Tjorn.

Jan 19. We drove down to Gothenburg to celebrate our son Tomas when he became 49 years of age, and met also with his wife Alma.

Jan 21. We traveled by train to Stockholm to celebrate cousin Inga-Britt Soder becoming 85 years of age with party at The Winery Hotel.

Jan 25. Tomas son and our grandson John Helling separated from his sambo Rebecka Thall.

Jan 29. I saw the movie "The Post" in Trollhättan.

Jan 30. Updating of our Ancestry records from facts we had received in Christmas letters from relatives in Sweden and abroad.
            Addition to our Helling homepage with Helling family news and News from Sweden in English.

Jan 31. Visit to our flat in Trollhattan by our grandson and Anna-Lena´s son Albin and his sambo Frida Johansson.  


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