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Guest information for residents at Nackeloftet


Bedclothes and towels

We expect you to bring your own bedclothes and towels. If you have left them behind you can rent bedclothes and towels from us. The charge is 100:-Skr/10 Euro per person/week.


We have two bikes in the garage which we lend to our guests without charge.

Canoe  - canadian

We have a large yellow canoe – Canadian. You will find it either at the landing in Nacketjärnet or by the woodshed behind the garage building. You find paddles and life jackets in the garage. If you take a long tour and need to transport the canoe and equipment between lakes you make use of the canoe wagon which you will find by the canoe or in the garage.

You can borrow a special canoeing chart with maps and information about Dalsland´s well organised canoe tour areas. There is also an English version of the booklet: ”Kanotland”. The many various canoe tracks laid out are among the finest and most beautiful inEurope.

You are allowed to fish at one part of Nacketjärnet for your household needs. The most common fish are northern pike and perch. We can lend you some fishing equipment which you will find in the garage building.

Information about other fishing waters in Dalsland with other fishes can be found at the tourist information in Dals Ed.


Vacuum cleaner, bucket, scoring cloth, dustpan, and broom can be found in the cupboard beneath the stairs. We expect you clean the cabin before you leave and that it then is in the same state as when you moved in. You will find a plastic garbage can by the road side.


We can take care of the cleaning if you wish. We will then charge you 500:-Skr/50 Euro before you leave.

Conditions for renting the cabin

You will find a separate document in this binder with more detailed information regarding the conditions. They are a copy of rules set by national associations for accommodation providers. (So far we have no translation into English). Please ask us if you have any special concerns. It includes for instance:

-          The booking is set when you pay the registration fee.

-          The rest of the accommodation price should be paid four weeks prior to arrival.

-          What will happen if you do not pay in time?

-          What conditions will apply if you want to cancel.

-          Your rights and obligations.

-          Reasons why your contract may be cancelled immediately. 

Excursions and maps

Why not try walking in forests and fields here around Nackeloftet! You will find a variety of beautiful natural scenes. Dalsland is often described as a miniature of Sweden. Within a few kilometres you will find many examples of this. You will find traces of human life from the Bronze Age until today.


For trips by foot, bike, canoe and car you will find detailed maps in the corner cupboard drawer. 

We appreciate the opportunity to give you advice and information about excursions and what to see and do in Dalsland.

Food and necessities of life
The Nearest town for most of what you may need to buy is Dals Ed about15 kilometres away. You will find a tourist map with information about shops and other services in the corner cupboard drawer.
A wider range of goods and services can be found in Bengtsfors –25 kilometres,
Mellerud –30 kilometres and Åmål, the largest city in Dalsland  –55 kilometres away.

Fridge, freezer, electric Stove and oven.

If needed you will find directions for use in the cupboard above the oven.

Health care

We have hospital in Bäckefors, about15 kilometres away. Telephone: 010 441 675 00 (It is in the same local telephone area we are. You need not dial 0530 first).

In the bathroom cupboard you will find first aid equipment for minor injuries.

Heating system

We have an electric heating system for Nackeloftet that takes care of itself. If the indoor temperature in wintertime is not warm enough you can use the heating stove and borrow an extra electric heater.

Hostess and host Sonja and Jan Helling

If we happen not to be at Nackehultet you can usually reach us by phone at 0705 163 573 or
0702 304 719.


It is possible to get access to Internet via broadband connection from our router.
Adress: Telia-EC262F. Password: B93920E067.


You can find more information about the cabin on homepage:
Then open: "Stuga att hyra"

Kitchen equipment

You will find everything you need in the cabin and a list of all the equipment

Lighting the carriage wheel hanging from the ceiling

The carriage wheel has four lamps you can light with matches. The container is filled with spirit when you move in. If you need to fill the container – please be very careful. Let the wheel down with the rope. Find the plastic bottle with a yellow label in the bathroom cupboard. Fill them with care! It is not easy to see when the container is full. Use a plate underneath for overflow. 


Cars and motorcycles can be parked on the other side of the road opposite the Lofthouse. When we are not at Nackehultet it is OK to park outside the garage building. In the wintertime you may be able to park your car in the garage.


Payment of rent in advance. Registration fee paid within 4 weeks after confirmation. The rest of the payment should be paid 4 weeks before day of arrival.

Playground for kids

We have arranged many things for kids to have fun and to enjoy them selves here at Nackehultet. They are free to make use of all outdoor toys they will find in the garage and down by the brook. If you need we can offer more toys and games that we have in the Nackehultet main building. In the winter time there are many things in the garage to have fun with.

Private things

The cabinet beneath the window in the main room contains some private things and may not be used by guests.
You may use all other cupboards and room underneath the stairs for your things.

Radio and TV

You will find a radio with CD and cassette player in the corner cupboard and a radio by one bed,  

You will however find no TV set. If there is something special you want to see on our fiber connected TV in the main building please let us know.

Rowing boat

Down by the lake in the nearest bay you will find our white and green rowing boat in lake Nacketjärnet. It is of traditional Dalsland design – to fit long stretched lakes. Our name for the boat is ”Prömmen”. It is the local dialect name for such a rowing boat. If the green and white oars are not in the boat you will find them in the garage. Notice that when you attach the rowlock into the hole in the rail you have to put them in the wrong way around.


Smoking is not allowed in Nackeloftet! You will find no ashtrays in the house. You have to smoke outdoors!

Stove for heating

You are allowed to make use of the stove. You will find more wood for the stove in the woodshed behind the garage. You will find matches in the cupboard above the kitchen stove.

In case of accident with fire there is a fire-extinguisher in the cupboard by the front door.


Incoming calls: +46 (0)530 62 000. It is the same line as for the main house.

Outgoing calls. Write down how many minutes you speak and to what country. We will find out about the cost and charge you before you leave.

It is unfortunately not so easy to make calls from a mobile phone at Nackeloftet. You may need to walk about100 metres north along the road to get good reception.

Tourist information

In the cupboard drawer you will find lots of travel folders from Dalsland and nearby provinces. Please return them before your departure.


We have a washing machine and tumble dryer in the Nackehultet main house that you can rent for 50ske per machine. You will find a clothesline behind the main building.


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