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Helling family diary

January 2019
01. New years celebration together with a family in Alvangen south of Trollhattan
01. Birthday party for Marie and her mother Alma and Tomas in Gothenburg.
03. Visit to Nackehultet to see too that it was OK for grandchildren
08. Charles Helling 18 years of age but unable to visit us in Trollhattan
11. Name day for Jan and evening dinner with family Pi and Fredrik Hulterström
10-12. Our three children organize a birthday ravel to Krakow in Poland for Tomas

16. Day visit to Nackehultet for a new inspection
22-23. Two day visit to Nackehultet and to Louise Klang in Bengtsfors
25-26. Visit to Björkö to see Anna-Lena´s film at restaurang See Side
29-31. Visit to Nackehultet where we meet with grandchild Albin and his Frida stayring her 4 days.

30. Delivery of our first homepage in Swedish this new year 2019.

December 2018
01. We are In Stockholm. Visit to Christmas Market at Skansen.

02. Oscar theater to se the musical "Så som i himmelen" based on the famous Swedish movie.

03. By train back home to Trollhättan.
04. Sonja participate in her Book Circle.

04-05. Janne to our Nackehultet resident to work with our Christmas letters.
07. Janne test his eyesight at his optician. Sonja at Christmas party with Socialdemocratic party.
08-09. Christmas Market with our relatives on Björkö island.
09. Movie studio to see the Hungarian rewarded movie: "About soul and body".
10. Christmas letters sent abroad.
11-12. To Nackehultet for Christmas preparations.
11-15. Jan Graf, owner of Jättenhem, rent our cabin Nackeloftet.
11-12 Our son Anders come to help Graf with planing for restauration that will begin in April.

13-14. To Tjörn and Lucia-party at school for granddaughter Lovis.
14. Janne get his new spectacles. Birthday party for John Helling in Gothenburg with his father Tomas and his wife.
15-17. Sonja to grandchildren on Tjörn. Janne work with the Swedish Christmas letter sent 17th.

18. Invited to lunch with friends Britt-Marie and Helge Ceder.

19-20. Janne helth-test at Uddevalla hospital.

19. Sonja visit to Anna-Lena´s mother-in-law living in village Tun.
20-27. We celebrate Christmas together with children and grandchildren at Nackehultet.
23. Invited to lunch with friend Louse Klang in Bengtsfors.

30-01. New Year celebration together with Steen family in Älvängen.

November 2018

02.  Winter tires put on our Saab 93 car. Rather early for this season. However no snow yet.

02-04. To Nackehultet for fall work in house and garden.
06-11. Airbnb-guest in our Nackeloftet cabin. German lady with a dog.
07. Birthday greeting by telephone to Jan´s cousin Karin Algemo in Stockholm.
11. The French comedie "Cest la Vie" at Filmstudio in Trollhättan.
11-12. Weekend with free access to Arkiv Digital. Some updating of our family registers.
12-13. Sonja drive to Tjörn for grandchildren support.
14. Sonja get some support with her hearing aid in Vänersborg.
19. Janne get bloodtest in Trollhättan.
20. Janne and Sonja to Nackehultet for inspection and first Christmas decoration.
21. Sonja by train to Gothenburg and visit to grandchild Albin and his Frida.
21-22. Janne get some medical treatment at Uddevalla hospital, and Sonja at our local NÄL-hospital.

23-25. Anders, Lovis and Malte to us in Trollhättan. Charles and Adrian to Nackehultet.

26. Janne get treatment at local NÄL-hospital.
27. To and from Nackehultet for continuation of Christmas preparations.

28. Early information about our updated homepage for November.
29. We4 travel together by train to Stockholm.
30. Christmas dinner onboard s/s Blidösund crusing about on Stockholm waters.

October 2018

01-09. Our new neigbor family Graf, south of us rent, the house Nackeloftet. They have no electricity at Jättenhem yet.
01-03. Sonja at home in Trollhättan and Jan at our cabin Nackeloftet for fall work in our garden
04. Family Graf give names to their two houses: Jättenhem and Dvärghem (Home for a Giant and for a Dwarf)
07. Visite to Dalsland Art Museum together with Jan Graf.
08. OK annual inspection of our Saab 93 car.

08-13. We experince unusual warm weather at this time of the year.

11. Sonja travel to Gothenburg to visit our son Tomas and his wife Alma.

13. Our new neighbour family Larsson, north of us, visit Nackehultet.
14. We return to Trollhättan and the Film studio to see the movie "Without pardon".
16. Sonja in Trollhättan and Jan return to Nackehultet for more fall work at our country house.
20. Our son Tomas and Alma visit us in our Trollhättan flat.
18-21. Our son Anders and his orchestra visite Nackehultet for music practise.
25-28. Jan and Sonja at our country house Nackehultet.

26. Daughter Anna-Lena and grandson Albin come to visit us at Nackehultet.
26-28. Anders and his son Malte visit us at Nackehultet.
27. The first snow for the season at Nackehultet.

28. We return to Trolhättan to see the movie "A remarkable women" at the Filmstudio.
30. Travel to Gothenburg to visit granddaughter Alma and her fiancee Björn including dinner with daughter Anna-Lena and son Albin.
31. The October version of our homepage delivered.

September 2018

01. Rosendal Garden in Stockholm and visit to Historical Museum and Sergel square.
02. Visit to fall premiare at Skansen and dinner at a restaurant situated in the middle of the Gotastreet.

03. Train from Stockholm to Trollhättan. Sonja stayed there and Jan continued to Nackehultet.
03- 06. Sonja for healthcare in Trollhättan and Jan take care of new guests at Nackeloftet and for upkeeping of Nackehultet.
08. Waterlevel in our lake Nacketjärn almost back to normal after summer drought.
09. The national parliament election day. Sonja quick visit to Tjörn as sitter for grandchildren.
10-12. Our Saab-car to service in Mellerud and we stay at our country house Nackehultet.
13-14. Sonja to Trollhättan for varius tasks and Jan continue to stay at Nackehultet and return the next day.
14-16. Our grandchild Albin with sambo Frida come and stay at Nackehultet.
18. Sonja at new heathcare in Trollhättan and Jan healthcare at Uddevalla hospital.
18-20. Sonja in Trollhättan and Jan at Nackehultet.
20. We meet with executive officer Benny Ruus at Dalsland Canal AB.
21-23. Children and grandchildren comes to Nackehultet to help us bring up boat and bridges from the lake.
24. Sonja healthcare in Trollhättan.
25. Sonja visit Joakims mother in Tun and take part in book-cicle in the evening.
26-27. Jan healthcare visit to Uddevalla hospital.
27-28. Sonja sitter for grandchildren Lovis and Malte at Västergård on Tjörn.
28-30. Fall-work at Nackehultet.
29. First meeting with our new neighbors near by the lake.
30. The family Graf from Kiel in Gemany come to stay in our guesthouse Nackeloftet for 10 days. For us Filmstudio in Trollhättan.

August 2018

01-02. We still have guests at our guesthouse Nackeloftet from Düsseldorf.
04. Visiti to Bjorko to participate in the market Western-Sea-Week. Meeting with Anna-Lena and her family.
05. Our son Anders with his children also visit Bjorko and the same market. A large fire break out on the island the very same day. No one hurt.
06. We take care of their cat "Kattis" on Nackehultet for some days.
07. Visit to our new neighbours from Germany at Jattenhem. They show the current state of improvements of their old Dalslandsstuga.
07-08. Guests to Nackeloftet from Russia.
10-14. Guests to Nackeloftet from Sweden and Canada.
10. Thunderstorm and short interruption of elctricity. After this event the normal Swedish summer weather came back.
11. The family and owner of Jattenhem farm travel back home to Kiel in Germany.
23-26. Guests to Nackeloftet of the Runge family from Germany. His mother Regina Runge is selling her cottage by the lake Aug 18.
24. Dinner at Falkholts restaurant for Regina Runge becoming 70 years of age.
29. Sonja takes her friends from Trollhattan for a traditional car ride in the province.
30. Sonja and Jan travel by train to Stockholm where we met cousin Karin and her husband Alf. We had a music cruise on board a by steamer.
31. Visit to Liljevalchs artmuseum for exhibition of artist Lars Lerin.

July 2018
01. Late Christmas gift to Jan and Sonja from Tomas and Alma. Boattrip i fine weather and lunch on Vrångö in Göteborg southern archipelago.
02. Sonja drive with Anders down to Karlskrona where he board a sailboat on its way home up to the island Tjörn.
03-04. Jan produce a 2018 edition of five different guides for our summer tourists at Nackeloftet.
07. Visits to nearby Baldersnäs, Alltorp and Uleviken for informative meetings and purchase of some handicraft.
09. Visit to a printing shop in Trollhattan where we had a cover to the English version of "My sister Christina".

11-13. Visit to Berättarladan in Värmland to see the third part of the performance "Löwensköldska ringen"

11-14. Guests from Kopenhagen in our Nackeloftet guest house.
16. Vistite at home in Trollhättan for errands.
17-24.Guests from Gothenburg in our Nackeloftet guest house.
21. Annual visite to Nössemark Swedish/Norwegian splendid market. Best this year was extra ordinary well performed Evert Taube music!!
23. Meeting with the new owner of old Dalsland-cottage Jättenhem.
25-26.Our son Anders with family comes to visit us at Nackehultet
25-27. Guests from Amsterdam in our Nackeloftet guest house.
26-28. Anders and family to northern westcoast for vacation with their two children.

26-27. Sonja makes a short visit to Trollhättan, and Janne work with articles and short story for our July homepage on internet.

28-31. Guests from Düsseldorf in our Nackeloftet guest house.
28-29. Anders and family comes back to Nackehultet. Anders assist neighbour Jan Graf with restauration of old Jättenhem farm.
31. Sonja to Helling-Hammar on Tjörn for one day care of their son Malte.
31. New uppdate of this homepage sent to some relatives in USA.   

June 2018

12. Birthday party for Jan 81 at home in Trollhättan with friends and Tomas family. Anna-Lena with family in Portugal and Anders at home
     for first school end for daughter Lovis.
13. To country resident Nackehultet, where we ha no water in our cranes. It had been too dry climate, but got our problem solved.
18-19. Sonja paint the front of our cabin for guests and Jan start to create a Photo guide of 57 nearby places worth seeing.
20. Visite to an interesting Fire department museum.
21. Preparation for our upcoming celebration of Midsummer.
22. Midsummer party at Nackehultet together with friends from Germany.
24-25. Birthday party for son Anders at his home Västergård on the island of Thörn.
25. Our old friend and relative Curtiss Moline dies at 93 at home in USA.
27. Janne has produced a Photoguide to 57 sights worth seeing in the neighbourhood of our country house Nackehultet.
28. Party at Nackehultet for guest who had stayed for a month at a neighbour before returning to Germany.
29. Our homepage uppdated and this info delivered via inernet.


May 2018
01-02. Anders, Lovis and Malte visit us in Trollhättan.
02. Jan to Nackehultet for maintenance work.

07. Celebration at home for Sonja birthday with visiting friends.
08-11. To Nackehultet for spring gardenwork in fine weather.
10-12. Family Graf rent our Nackehultet cottage, Jan and two of his boys.
12. Help to grandson John Helling who move to small flat in Trollhättan.
14-20. Sonja to Umeå for High school celebration and geneology work together with relatives.
14-20. Jan to Nackehultet for gardenwork and other tasks.
24-27. Children and grandchildren to Nackehultet. Help us with boat and bridges in to the lake.
31. Our homepage updated and this info delivered via internet.

April 2018

3. Our Saab 9-3 car change from winter to summer tires.
8-15. Gardenwork at Nackehultet
9-14. Family Graf rent our guest house and make preparations at their house Jättenhem.
15. We can see this years first coltsfoot and wagtail at Nackehultet
17. The last heap of snow disappear from our ground but we have still some ice on lake Nacketjärn that dissaperar the day after.
20. Our grandson Charles Helling is studying at "Scandinavian School of Civics and Tourism" in nearby Ed. He had promised to give support at upgrading of our four guides describing nature, culture and local history in the environment around our cabin for guests, Nackeloftet . 
23-25. By train to Stockholm to take part in a funeral of a good friend.
28. Visit to Göteborg to celebrate Tomas wife Alma Helling on her 47th birthday.
28-30. Continuation of our garden work at Nackehultet.
30. Update of our homepage for Maj 1, 2018

March 2018
1-4. Anders Helling and his orchestra compose new music at our country house Nackehultet
4. Visit to daughter Anna-Lena Helling/Pettersson and family on Björkö and our son Tomas and Alma Helling in Gothenburg
5. Presentation from the book about Göta River Valley in Trollhättan.
5. Sonja get her new and better hearing aid.
9-11. We have Anders and Eva family at Nackehultet and lots of snow.
11. Movie at our Film studio (Slovak/Tjeck) "Our new teacher". (3)
16-18. We spent this winter weekend at Nackehultet
20-21. Sonja take care of grandchildren on Tjörn
20-21. Preparatikon for our April 1 Homepage, and work with genealogy together with relatives in Michigan via e-mail.
24-25. Visit to Västergård on Tjörn and listening to Lovis singing in a chorus at Klövedal church.
25. Movie at out Film studio (Danm/Sve/Afgh/Fra) "Wolf and Sheep".
27. Grandson James 21 years of age. Party at our home with father and brothers John and Charles
30-31. We celebrate Easter at our country house Nackehultet

February 2018
1. Sonja to hospital for ear examination. She will get new and better hearing aids
11. The American movie "Lucky" at our Film studio in Trollhättan (3-4 of 5 points)
15-18. Anders Helling with children Lovis and Malte visit us at Nackehultet
16. Jan Graf, the new owner of Jättenhem had gathered a meeting with entrepreneurs for restauration.
17. Interesting dinner meeting at our resident Nackehultet with Jan Graf and information about his plan for Jättenhem
25. The Swedish movie "Dröm vidare" at Film studio in Trollhättan (4).
27-28. Visit to Nackehultet to make preparations for arrival of Anders orchestra.

January 2018

8. Grandson Charles Helling celebrate 18 years of age together with his father Tomas and brother James. at our flat in Trollhattan.

16-17.Sonja sitter for grandchildren Lovis and Malte to support son Anders and his sambo Eva on the west-coast island Tjorn.
19. Drive to Gothenburg to celebrate our son Tomas when he became 49 years of age and we met also with his wife Alma Helling
21. Travel by train to Stockholm to celebrate cousin Inga-Britt Soder becoming 85 years of age with party at The Winery Hotel

25. We get Information that grandson John Helling separated from his sambo Rebecka Thall
28. The Bra/Fra movie "Aquarius" at our Film studio in Trollhättan (4 of 5 points).
29. Jan saw the US-movie: "The Post" in Trollhättan.
30. Updating of our Ancestry records from facts we had received in Christmas letters from relatives in Sweden and abroad.
31. Visit to our flat in Trollhattan by grandson Albin Pettersson and sambo Frida Johansson. He is son to Anna-Lena Helling


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